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From your headquarters, we cover the entire federal territory and internationally


All under one roof

Whether catalogues, magazines or advertising inserts - when it comes to the production of high-volume printed matter, you are in good hands with us.

You will find prepress, printing and postpress under one roof with us. This shortens the distances and avoids friction losses. In our group of companies we provide you with international know-how and the latest technology - for print products that combine functionality with the highest level of quality.

Benefit from our variety of services:



Saddle Stitching





Logistic Concepts

Lampe industrielle


Prepared for every challenge

Using the latest gravure printing technology, our printers produce millions of copies of magazines, advertising supplements and catalogs in a very short time.

We can also implement short-term changes in scope and page counts outside the norm at any time with our mechanical capacities.

With up to 60,000 revolutions per machine and hour, format-variable products from four to 256 pages with paper web widths of up to 3.68 meters are printed on a total of six gravure printing presses.

Two rotations are equipped with double funnels, so that advertising inserts can be ideally produced. Technically, these are the logical complement to the large-format web offset presses. We are constantly optimizing our processes at our location in Mönchengladbach and investing in the latest technology. This enables us to react quickly and flexibly to your wishes.

Further Processing

High diversity and expertise


When it comes to further processing, nothing is impossible. Practically all variations of modern advertising can be implemented at our premises, saving you time and money.

saddle stitching

More than two million magazines and catalogs can be compiled every day and, depending on the customer's wishes, equipped with inserts, product samples, CDs, bound inserts or glued-in postcards, addressed, stapled, glued and otherwise refined.

These runs are produced on schedule, economically and with high quality by H+B Finishing and BaSiCo at the Mönchengladbach site using 2 Ferag saddle-stitching drums and 3 Muller Martini saddle-stitchers.

perfect binding

Through partner companies, we offer all types of industrial bookbinding in the best quality and logistically optimized.

single encapsulation

The demands that the market places on an advertising insert are constantly growing. This development is reflected in packaging within an enclosure or the compilation of several enclosures to form a shrink-wrapped and personalized shipment.

On our Sitma systems - with 14 - 18  stations – we are able to individually shrink-wrap more than two million copies including supplements every day. In addition to film processing, we also offer our customers state-of-the-art paper packaging methods.

Your addresses are in good hands with us. Professional address management, state-of-the-art inkjet units and software-supported address control ensure that your advertising gets through.

Architecte Résumé


Competent logisticians take care of storage and shipping

Ultimately, it is crucial for the customer that the printed products are delivered to the right place at the right time. Our solution for you: Cross-location planning, reduction of transport routes through our central locations, as well as the use of state-of-the-art storage technology and consistent training of our shipping staff.

We wrap ours every day


Fully automated high-bay warehouses are available at ISI Storage in Mönchengladbach, which ensure that the storage, order picking and transport of the printed matter runs smoothly. For your safety, the flow of goods is marked with a barcode and is weighed on pallets upon delivery.

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Grunewaldstrasse 59
41066 Moenchengladbach
Phone: +49 2161 692-0




Grunewaldstrasse 59
41066 Moenchengladbach
Phone: +49 2161 692-0


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Grunewaldstrasse 59
41066 Moenchengladbach
Phone: + 49 2161 30314-13




Grunewaldstrasse 59
41066 Moenchengladbach
Phone: +49 2161 46725-12


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Grunewaldstrasse 59
41066 Moenchengladbach
Phone: + 49 2161 692-122


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Grunewaldstrasse 59
41066 Moenchengladbach
Phone: +49 2161 83923-61



Please note the delivery conditions of our individual companies

Rotogravure Schwann-Bagel, Mönchengladbach


ISI Storage, Mönchengladbach


Basico Finishing, Moenchengladbach


H+B Finishing, Moenchenglbach

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