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A good team as an important success factor

A company is only as good as its employees - the employees are only as good as their company.

Our employees are our most valuable resource. The expertise, motivation and loyalty of many of our long-standing employees form the basis for our company's success. Only together can we meet our own standards and the high demands of our customers.

For this reason, we attach great importance to first-class training and further education, professional personnel administration and partnership-based employee management. Cooperation with our employees' interest groups is also an important building block for us in order to ensure the success of our company together.

We attach great importance to the equal treatment of all employees, which is why we also explicitly advertise all our positions as gender-neutral, sometimes with the abbreviation (m/f/d) or (gsn). If the masculine spelling is used in a context, it serves to improve readability and is to be regarded as a gender-neutral designation.

What if you too join our teams?

We offer the following options in the companies of the TSB Group at the Mönchengladbach site:


Are you a student (m/f/d) and would like to complete a study-related internship in our company? We offer the following areas: • Printing technology •Mechanical engineering • Security technology • Logistics For students (m/f/gsn) we offer student internships at various locations in our training professions. Please contact Human Resources for further information.

Training at the Mönchengladbach site

• Printing media technologist (m/f/d) (specializing in gravure printing) – gravure printing Schwann-Bagel GmbH & Co. KG • Industrial mechanic (m/f/d) – gravure printing Schwann-Bagel GmbH & Co. KG • Electronics technician for industrial engineering (m/f/x) – low pressure Schwann-Bagel GmbH & Co. KG • IT specialist (m/f/d) (specializing in system integration) – low pressure Schwann-Bagel GmbH & Co. KG • Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/d) – ISI Storage GmbH & Co. KG • Clerks for forwarding and logistics services (m/f/d) – ISI Storage GmbH & Co. KG • Industrial clerks (m/f/d) – TSB Retail GmbH & Co. KG

Job offers

TSB Group, Central Personnel Administration

Grunewaldstrasse 59
41066 Moenchengladbach

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