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TSB Group

All production steps from a single source

The TSB Group, with its headquarters in Mönchengladbach, is one of the most powerful print shops in Europe. TSB is part of the Riccobono Groupe, a fifth-generation family business and market leader in France in coldset, commercial printing and distribution.

Our technique

With the latest gravure printing technology, we can produce your magazines, advertising supplements and catalogs in the shortest possible time, even in millions of copies if required.


Extensive saddle stitching capacity for both addressed and non-addressed products ensures that demanding deadlines can be met. We have extensive experience with postal optimization in Germany and neighboring European countries. With modern Sitma units, we also offer all packaging options, be it with paper, film or banderoles. What is also new is the fixation of several products using adhesive dots without outer packaging. Thanks to the collaboration with France Routage, the latest packaging solutions are now also available exclusively in Germany. As a competent freight forwarder, ISI Storage is a popular retail contact for solving all paper logistics tasks. In addition, ISI Storage controls a fully automated high-bay warehouse and the complex shipping and secure storage of your products. We can also offer order picking services outside of the printing business. We find the right solution for every order situation – customer-oriented and flexible. See for yourself!


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Act responsibly

The TSB Group is a modern, future-oriented print service provider for large print runs. Working sustainably and acting in a socially responsible manner are our corporate principles.

We are customer-oriented, innovative and sustainable:

  • Close to the customer > because we put the needs of the market at the center of our thoughts and actions.

  • Innovative > because we not only meet the demand by constantly adapting to the latest state of the art, but also constantly developing further business areas

  • Sustainable > because we take the protection of the environment seriously as a maxim of our economic activity.

Family-run for over 200 years

After Bagel took over the Schwann printing works in 1974, Tiefdruck Schwann-Bagel GmbH & Co. KG was founded, which still gives the TSB Group its name today. This marked the start of a rapid development into one of the largest print shops in Europe and a strong partner for publishers, mail order companies and retailers.

Through the takeover of the Riccobono Groupe, TSB has been part of one of the most powerful printing groups in Europe since August 1st, 2023 with activities in coalset, web offset, finishing and distribution. As a result of the merger, the Riccobono Groupe with the gravure printing companies TSB, Lenglet and Helioprint is the European market leader in this segment.

The Riccobono Groupe is a fifth-generation family business with historical roots in the daily newspaper business. After strong expansion, more than 45% of activities are now devoted to the printing of magazines, brochures and catalogues. 55% are divided between newspaper printing, finishing and distribution.

Today, the Riccobono Groupe employs more than 3000 people, including 1400 part-timers in France, Belgium and Germany.

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