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Automated finishing

Since May 2022, this stage of the process has been handled by three ultra-modern layer palletisers from Segbert. The layer palletisers are capable of automatically placing all the packs in a production run on pallets, without manual intervention and according to freely definable packaging patterns. Packs leaving the saddlestitcher with strapping or loose are picked up and placed on the pallet in accordance with the defined packing pattern.

The three palletising systems installed have a special feature. A pre-sorter is used. This pre-sorter is able to group together into a single large pack the small packs which, in the pack's position on the pallet, would result in different heights and therefore instability. To do this, the small packs are stacked on top of each other until their height corresponds to that of a full pack and there is virtually no difference in height between them. This ensures that the packs are positioned as straight as possible on the pallet, thereby greatly minimising the risk of a pallet tipping over or slipping during further transport.

Overall, the palletisers not only increase the performance of our saddlestitcher, but also ensure the quality of our printed products right through to delivery to our customers.


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